Dr. Jason McDonald [email protected] Principal
Dr. Eric Basilo [email protected] Assistant Principal
Yvonne Bradley [email protected] Assistant Principal
Allisyn Brown [email protected] Assistant Principal
Presley Dershimer [email protected] Dean of Students (A-K)
Dr. Raiza Agosto [email protected] Dean of Students (L-Z)
Maira Singletary [email protected] Executive Secretary to the Principal/Bookkeeper
TBD Front Desk Secretary
Charlene Kee [email protected] Discipline Secretary/Attendance
Heather Ruland [email protected] Clinic Assistant
Lacey Sweeney [email protected] FTE Clerk, Records, Enrollments/Withdrawals
Hollie Rogers [email protected] Instructional Coach/NEST
TBD Certified School Counselor (A-K)
James Blackburn [email protected] Certified School Counselor (L-Z)
Dr. Patrice Anderson [email protected] Behavior Interventionist
Megan Sellinger [email protected] District Mental Health Counselor
Jennifer Cimadevila [email protected] School Social Worker
William Bowes [email protected] School Safety Guard
Eric Bravo [email protected] School Safety Guard
Deputy Chis Knight [email protected] School Resource Deputy
Veronica Castro [email protected] ELA
Norman Magalie [email protected] ELA
Katherine Harmon [email protected] Gifted
Susan Bartle [email protected] Math
Jennifer B. Bennett [email protected] Math
Claudia Cipriati [email protected] Math
Sandra Mathews [email protected] Math
Sarah Myers Math
Aleecia Reinhart [email protected] Math
Katherine Revlett [email protected] Math
Shawna Young [email protected] Math
TBD Reading
Jeanette Wimberly [email protected] Reading
Bruce Caldwell [email protected] Science
Joe Fox [email protected] Science
Adam Goodman [email protected] Science
Carly MacMillan [email protected] Science
Kristen Marshall [email protected] Science
Jenni Meriwether [email protected] Science
TBD Science
Diana Bean [email protected] Social Studies
Soloman Bland [email protected] Social Studies/AIP/Student Government
Social Studies
Julie Martin [email protected] Social Studies
Kimberly Picard [email protected] Social Studies
Carmale Polk [email protected] Social Studies
Juanita Williams [email protected] Social Studies
Carter Willamson [email protected] Social Studies
Jenein Hamilton [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Aja Jones [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Jennifer Maxfield [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Cara Scinto [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Monica Shah [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
K'nisia Simms [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
Daniel Sladek [email protected] Exceptional Student Education
TBD Exceptional Student Education
Vanessa Watkins [email protected] Art
Jeremy Anderson [email protected] Band
Leslie Antmann [email protected] Chorus
Jennifer T. Bennett [email protected] Drama
Sean Knowlen [email protected] Biomechatronics
Anita Neal-Okoro [email protected] Biomechatronics
Joseph Puccio [email protected] Biomechatronics
Thomas Stafford [email protected] Biomechatronics/Athletics
Antoinette Grant [email protected] ePathways
Kimmie Lynn [email protected] ePathways
Deborah Hirsh [email protected] ESOL
Marcia Suarez [email protected] ESOL
Meredith Maley [email protected] Physical Education
Alain Melendez [email protected] Physical Education
Tanya Vargas [email protected] Spanish
Shea Staber [email protected] Speech
TBD Speech
Marie Greenstein [email protected] Cafe Manager
Patrick Slater [email protected] Custodian (Head)
Tecara Livingston [email protected] Custodian
Avisail Rivera [email protected] Custodian
Dominic Rivera [email protected] Custodian
Avila Rojas [email protected] Custodian
Carmen Santiago [email protected] Custodian
Kenneth Young [email protected] Custodian
Coralea Saylor [email protected] Paraprofessional
Dorothy Sheppard [email protected] Paraprofessional
Anaila Wolffe [email protected] Paraprofessional

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